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David Millward Viola 15" circa 1997                          Click Here for Audio Sample

'Has a big, warm, resonant tone throughout the register. This quality instrument would suit a professional player. perfect for solos and chamber music.' A.L.



CS5/ 52  16 1/2" Viola , Modern  English handmade by Barry Cave, Warkton , 1983, with a black shaped ABS case.                                                                          


"This viola produces a round, full tone and projects well. A perfect instrument for an advanced player." A.L.

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MV7/ 14A    3/4 Viola ( 14" length of body) with oblong case

Made in Canada by Bernard Sebatier, 2009                                                                     

 A gem of a viola with very individual and capricious shape. Sweet sound tone. Would suit small person who loves the viola – they’ll love this one even more.  Must be seen and heard. A.L.


MV6 /27 French Viola Mirecourt circa 1900  

Fine condition - set up at MV

A well-balanced sound with even transition from lower to upper register. It has a resonant sweet tone which makes it very satisfying to play. A.L.



CS7/ 72   A French Viola 16 1/4" handmade under the direction of Emile Francais circa 1930-40                                                              


‘Superb response and powerful D & A strings. Well regulated and engaging tone. Must be tried.’ A. L.



CS7/ 80a 15" 3/4 English handmade viola Stanley Hunt, 1986, No 18 Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire,  with canvas cover and shaped case                                               




CS7/ 42   15 3/4" Viola by George Barton late 18th Century                                                                                                     


"A soft warm sound owing to two gut (upper) strings. This viola possesses hidden depths  and is capable of a wide dynamic sound suitable for Baroque."  A.L.



CS6/ 66 16 1/4 " Handmade Viola by WILLIAM LUFF, London circa 1972        

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'Has a huge mellow sound. Projects well and capable of fine dynamic range suitable for solos and chamber music. ' A.L.

Handmade Viola by


London circa 1972




MV7/ 66c   15" English Viola circa 1850 - 1860       

"This viola offers a full range of expression an rich engaging tone.  Beautiful resonance throughout the instrument." A.L.


CS4/ 93 16 1/8" Viola   Made by Harry Dobbs,  1975                                             

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CS5/ 57                                                                                     

15 1/2 " Viola , French Workshop of  Paul Jombar, 1937

Click Here for Audio Sample        Click Here for Audio Sample 2


CS5/ 80 Viola  16 1/2" lob Yita Music modern Chinese                                                   

As new in excellent condition                                                         

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Silver Series Viola 15 1/2" lob by Hungarian Maker Akos Balazs, Budapest                                            rkshop and string upgrade

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CS5/ 58 A fine example of handmade 16 1/8" lob Viola, made by I K Highfield 1985,         


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CS4/ 94    16" Viola French in excellent condition  , c1900  

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Melcas Workshop 16 1/2" Viola                                         

Handmade "Vintage" series

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CS5/ 75  German Viola  15 3/4" lob   c 1880-1890 Schönbach School                                                                                                          

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CS5/ 86   16" Viola by Anthony Nickolds, 1992                              

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Silver Series Viola 2012, 15 3/4"lob, by Hungarian Maker Akos Balazs , Budapest                      

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Westbury "Antique" by Eastman                                             

15 1/2" Viola



CS5/ 54                      

14½" Viola; German Magginni copy, Birdseye Maple Back; c1910-1920



English Viola, 1992, by Steve Gibbons (Newark School)  labelled

"the flying merekle"

16 1/8" / 40.7 cm l.o.b. Clear orange red varnish, set up with Obligato strings.

CS3/88 Modern Handmade English Viola, 16 1/4"/41.3cm l.o.b.      

Made by Martin J Hilsden, Oxford 1988.

A wide breadth model viola , Guarneri copy with oil varnish


CS347 15 3/4 " Viola Chinese by Tien Bao, c2000 with Hiscox canvas case


French Mirecourt Viola, C 1900                                              




Luthes ParisVC31 Allegro Montagnana Model Cello ; made in Rumania. Instrument only.

pics to follow                                                                                         



Premier Select 4* DC302 Full size Pianura Cello 302 Stradivari model with cover and bow



CS8/ 15 Full Size Cello French Labelled  MANSUY PARIS c 1880-1900                                                                                                        

Restored at Moseley Violins with Wittner Patented geared pegs,

Wittner Ultra Classic Tailpiece, and Dominant strings with Larsen A

pics to follow


CS7/ 86A Full size German cello made in the Gotz workshop. Model 603, 1987.  


Handmade Cello by Pop Dumitru from Reghin, Rumania    Sold January 2017    





CS6100A German Cello 1870                                                                                           




CS6/ 83B                                                                                                        

Full size Cello Made by Frank H. Howard , London , 1929

This instrument has a strong characterful tone ,  with amber coloured resin oil varnish used typical of the period of matt appearance.


CST6/ 85c   Handmade cello by Akos Balazs, Hungary, 2012                                                                                             

Clear amber red oil varnish

CS7/ 08 Voigtland Cello 1880-90              


CS7/ 09 Saxon Cello                                                                             


CS6/ 30A                                                                                                  

Full size Gibson cello made in 1942 Kalamazoo USA. A rare  example of limited production of bowed instruments. Neck of solid timbers , laminated with ebony strip down centre. Rosewood fingerboard


CST6/ 85B   Handmade cello by Akos Balazs, 2009 Hungary                                                                                                   

Clear amber orange oil varnish


CS5/ 01                                                                   

Cello handmade by English maker, William Piper, Bromsgrove, Worcs., 2006.

 Excellent condition .

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CS5/ 49  A 4/4 Cello No9 by Gordon Campbell, 1985 Hereford                                                                                                              

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CS5/ 46  A Modern Bass Viola De Gamba                                                   



CS4 /06 ML 4/4 Cello "Antiqued" made in the workshops of Clement & Weise circa 2003 Bubenreuth Germany                                                                  

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CS5 45                                                                                          

Cello by E F Lant, Sevenoaks, No 441, Anno 1976

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CS3/25 4/4 German Cello circa 1890 - 1900                   

Click Here for Audio Samples

CS5/ 84 4/4 Chinese Eastman VC305 Antique finish Cello c 2006     




Gewa Maestro II Cello                                                Click Here for Audio Samples



CS5/ 56

A full size Mittenwald Germany Cello c 1882 possibly by Alois Rieger,



CS5/ 39

1/2-size handmade German Cello (Mittenwald/Fussen), herringbone purfling, one piece back, restored at Moseley Violins, circa mid 1800's

Exceptional sound from such a small instrument (sounds better than many full size cellos)                                                                                             


CS5/ 28 3/4 German Cello circa 1900  



CS4/ 76 French Cello , labelled  "Barnabetti"  JT Lamy 1890's                                                                                                      



CS4/ 71 TB    7/8" German Cello                                                                 
CS4/ 64 Cello Made in Klingenthal, Germany, 1846  by CH F Merz                


CS3/30 4/4 Cello Modern English Handmade                                    


Luthes Paris PRESTO Advanced handmade cello. Highly figured maple back, Amber varnish                                                                                                                                                                                                 
CS306A Akos Balazs  GOLD SERIES Handmade Cello                


German Cello 1920's
Heritage Cello,  Modern interpretation of the Amati Bros, 1616
Czech 1920's  approx 7/8 size: 70 cm back/66.2 cm string length


Luthes Paris Andante Cello                                                                   







 CS7/ 43   3/4 Double bass Made in Germany , c 1880-1900                          


Fully restored at Moseley Violins with new back bars, new ebony fingerboard, tubular end pin and Despiau bridge


Akos Balazs Double Bass Gold Series    Georg Thir model


AKOS BALAZS                                                    

Double Bass Gold Series Italian ...

CS5/ 11A                                                                       

Small 3/4 Czechoslovakian Double Bass. 40" string length. Circa. late 1940's/early 1950's, with heavy lined cover.



Luthes Paris Andante CB92 Double Bass                            

Solid Spruce Top/ solid wood Laminated Back & Sides Solid Maple Neck And Scroll Ebony Fingerboard. Set up with in our workshop with New Bridge, Soundpost and Helicore Light Gauge Strings


MV Antique Double Bass,  Restored at MV            
Gewa  NEW O. M. Monnich Double Bass Solid Top/Laminated Back & Sides                                                                      


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