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Welcome to our eclectic & specialist range of quality handmade, antique & second hand fiddles, fretted & folk instruments...

All instruments sold will include a workshop set up at Moseley Violins.




NEW Ashbury "Style E" Mandolin.    £399.00 - with Fitted Hard Case. - IN STOCK


Modern Handmade Guitar based on Gibson J45 steel strung guitar, by Kevin Baslé, 2012. &pound950.00 reduced price £795.00 see pics below



Mandolins and Mandolas


Folk & Other


Mandolins and Mandolas



Ashbury "Style E" Mandolin.    £399.00 - with Fitted Hard Case.


Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce Top, Rosecherry Body, Rosewood Fingerboard.

new KENTUCKY KM-172 Honey series A style  Solid carved top , Gotoh tuners, one piece maple neck Oval Soundhole               available to order


Ashbury AM-370 Mandolin Scroll body, oval soundhole, solid spruce top, solid maple body, maple neck.  Lightweight Oblong Case or Hardshell Case available.                           

available to order

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CS7/51c HANDMADE Acoustic Guitar By Luthier Kevin Baslé 2012,  with hard case       &pound950.00 reduced price  &pound795.00

Modern Handmade acoustic guitar based upon a Gibson J45-Cutaway by Kevin Baslé, 2012. Kevin has modified the barring structure to soften the treble tone . The result is a beautifully balanced yet powerful tone.



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Hofner Vienna Classical Guitar c1964                                                &pound375.00


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Raimundo  Classical Guitar                         £145.00

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MV9/ 63 Soprano Ukulele labelled: "G.Puglisi Reale & Figli" 1925, Sicily, Italy. Fully restored at MV, Splice of wood in back, reinforcement of rosette, revarnishing of body with Shellac, new pegs, gluing of bridge and fret levelling and polishing.                                                                     £450.00



"NEW" The HISCOX Liteflite Hardshell Case for "A" or "F" style Mandolins

The No 1 choice for guitar cases now available to all mandolin players



CHICKENBONE CIGARBOXES Now buy direct from the Birmingham maker and try your hand at a 3 or 4 string fretted guitar. Ideal for blues / slide guitar styles ***Buy from the best "Godfather" of cigarbox makers

Made in

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