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Welcome to our eclectic & specialist range of quality handmade, antique & second hand fiddles, fretted & folk instruments...
All instruments sold will include a workshop set up at Moseley Violins.




Mandolins and Mandolas




Folk & Other




CS8 51a Guitar Lute; Flat backed model with 7 courses and 5 lower strings 16 strings in total. Strung with custom Aquilla nylgut set strings, Labelled and signed in ink "Chamberlain Leicester , no 162; with wooden case;


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CS8 51b Lute Guitar 8 course, with 7 lower strings Labelled F.W. Thornton , 1968 no 163707 ; strung with custom Aquilla set nylgut strings


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MV8/ 82g Antique 5 string Banjo, made by Mathews c 1920-30, Birmingham, with walnut neck and mother of pearl inlay on fingerboard and zither casing, 27 1/4" scale; 


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Antique 5 String Banjo, Temlett's  Zither banjo; London.c~1900 ; all original - collectors item

Branded Temlett's Patent on pot ; 25 1/2"scale;


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MV8/ 49a Windsor 5 string Banjo


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MV5 10f Ukulele Banjo  


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Mandolins and Mandolas


CS8/ 51c Napoli Mandolin c 1900-1910 Labelled Fili Ferrari & Co, in excellent condition with Mother of pearl inlay around edge and soundhole; tortoise shell plectrum guard inlaid with silver wire mother of pearl and abalone flowerheads,  Metal engraved "GM" crest on peghead .


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Ashbury "Style E" Mandolin.    

Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce Top, Sapele Body, Hardwood Fingerboard. Designed by Phil Davidson

                              £439.00 - Available to order


The HISCOX Liteflite Hardshell Case

for "A" or "F" style Mandolins

The No 1 choice for guitar cases now available to all mandolin players

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CS8/ 83a   Handmade Spanish Classical Guitar by Contreas 


Pictures to Follow

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CS7/51c HANDMADE Acoustic Guitar By Luthier Kevin Basle 2012,  with hard case :Modern Handmade acoustic guitar based upon a Gibson J45-Cutaway by Kevin Baslé, 2012. Kevin has modified the barring structure to soften the treble tone . The result is a beautifully balanced yet powerful tone.

             &pound950.00 reduced price  £795.00

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Hofner Vienna Classical Guitar c1964



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CS8 43b Handmade Concert Ukelele made of recycled materials by Kevin Basle 2012


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MV9/ 63 Soprano Ukulele labelled: "G.Puglisi Reale & Figli" 1925, Sicily, Italy. Fully restored at MV, Splice of wood in back, reinforcement of rosette, revarnishing of body with Shellac, new pegs, gluing of bridge and fret levelling and polishing.     


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