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Junghee Keum Our violin and viola teacher Dave with cello teacher Miriam Taylor in shop Amanda Lipman: Violinist

François Bignon,

Native from France, has worked over 30 years in Birmingham in violin restoration and repair work, and bow rehairing. Francois also specializes in making his own instrument models adapted from the classical European background. His source of inspiration is influenced by the charm and detail of lesser known makers from 1850-1900. Instrument orders are a process of discussion and exploration with his customers, enabling musicians to contribute their individual ideas and requirements. Francois enjoys playing the double bass.


David Bruce Johnson  

Left his native Canada in 1978 with a background in craft, music and arts to further his instrument making career. He studied for three years study in Musical Instrument Technology in London in both fretted and bowed stringed instruments. David gained 5 years employment in the violin trade in Beaconsfield and Birmingham before setting up workshop of his own in 1986. After 5 years research and development, the success story of world-renowned Violectra electric violins, violas and cellos began in 1992 and designer and maker David has sold over 190 orders worldwide to date. After a diverse musical background in piano, brass and wind instruments, David plays various styles of folk, classical and jazz  on  violin, mandolin, & guitar.


Mike O'Neill 

Native to Birmingham, Mike has an endless resource of knowledge and skills in music technology and computer engineering. He works along with Francois and Dave in the shop reception, sales, and admin. Mike is a seasoned band musician, playing electric bass, guitar and mandolin, and has taken to making the occasional electric mandolin and guitar. He has recently started learning to play violin at Moseley Violins.


Amanda Lipman

We understand the decision process can be quite difficult finding the ideal violin to meet all your requirements. By special appointment, we have the services of a professional local player, Amanda Lipman, to help you hear the instruments that you would like to consider within your price area and help you assess their tonal qualities. .( available Friday, Saturdays and Mondays, by appointment)


Kevin Baslé

We are delighted to welcome Kevin Basle to our workshop who hails from the Brittany borders of France. He has completed 5 years instrument making at the Newark School of Violin Making in July 2016 ; 2 years in guitar and 3 years specialising in violin making and repairs . 

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