MOSELEY VIOLINS Commission Sales Policy

Moseley Violins are pleased to offer to sell on behalf of our customers; instruments, bows, with or without cases at a commission of 25%. A discount is available for violinmakers wanting to sell their work in our showcase. Enquire for details. Please note that all improvements and commissions are subject to VAT @20%.

The Sale Of Goods
Upon a signed agreement of ownership of goods known as Commission Sale Agreement, Unison Strings is willing to sell on behalf of our customers any instrument or bow at our discretion. These must be in good condition and good working order. This continues our policy of best quality for best value, and will also reflect in realising the best selling price.

We can assess, free of charge, the value and asking price of any potential sale, and if necessary, the cost of any repairs or set-up adjustments, and strings. These improvements will be estimated or quoted and shown on the Commission Sale note upon booking-in.

All improvements including repairs, fittings, strings etc will be invoiced and paid for by the customer in advance of the booking in of the items). The customer is also responsible for string breakages for the duration of the sale.

Moseley Violins will endeavour to insure the goods while on their premises against theft, accidental damage, and /or public liability.

Approval Scheme
Moseley Violins has an Approval Scheme also with insurance cover (strictly a maximum of 10 days) for a potential purchaser to try out instruments or bows in their own home or to show to their teacher at next lesson. In special circumstances and only after prior consultation an extension of an approval/trial period may be granted.

Return Of Goods
Customers can ask for the return of their property (items left for sale on commission) at any time provided all improvement costs are paid for.

Upon receipt of payment of sale, Moseley Violins will deduct any improvement/repair costs before taking their 25% commission: for example:

Selling Price £500.00
Less Improvements Inc VAT -£60.00
Subtotal £440.00
Less Commission 25% Inc VAT @  
Return Payment £

Payments will be made by cheque within 30 days of the item's selling date.

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