Instrument Setup

Regardless of where our stock is from, we know the importance of sound and playing performance is dependant on good setting up and optimal strings.
We offer 3 levels of setting up in our workshop to suit all budgets and standards for all instruments.

STRINGS: All prices exclude any string upgrading. If strings are purchased from Moseley Violins, the string prices includes stringing and tuning up at no extra charge.

Set Up Violin /Viola Cello Double Bass
set up using existing fittings including lubricating pegs, dressing nut, and re-fitting existing sound-post and bridge
from £100 from £147 from £220
Workshop set up including lubricating of pegs, adjusting of top nut, fitting of a new sound-post and fitting of a new bridge
from £151 from £239 from £320
set up including fitting new set of pegs , new top nut,  new sound-post, & fitting of a professional quality bridge
from £340 from £562 from 749