THE MELCAS WORKSHOP offer a range of handmade instruments, made in a small workshop in Ghanghou, China of 8 makers. We continue our special relationship with their owner, John Ho.

We are always impressed with what he brings us, and are usually able to hand pick from his consignment when in the Uk.

As far as contemporary making, and believe the instruments combine both excellent tone and making at very affordable prices. Their attention to detail shows a flair to copying the antique look of the master Italian models. 

Currently , we have sold out of all violins but will hope to renew our stock soon. Please check on availability.

Interpretation of the "Hellier" Strad from the Melcas Workshop, Ghanghou, China                                                                      £ Sold




S3180 4/4 Violin


THE MELCAS WORKSHOP S300- Fractional sizes available in 1/2 , 3/4 sizes                                           Out of stock   Price upon enquiry

 THE MELCAS WORKSHOP C- 300 Concert Violin    available in Blonde or Red varnish finish                                                    Out of stock   Price upon enquiry



 last remaining stock model 16 1/2" lob £1.025.00 £925.00inc set up & Strings


Modern Handmade, China. Available in 15", 15 1/2", 15.75",  16.5" length of back.


THE MELCAS WORKSHOP  CC-300 Concert Cello       Hand made cello at excellent value for money, Fitted with ebony fingerboard and pegs,  including workshop set-up new bridge and sound-post and Dominant Cello String set                                                                      

Out of stock   Price upon enquiry


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