CS9/ 57 Antique violin , by Bela Szepessy, London , circa 1919


“A rich , huge tone with good depth- brilliant E string” Amanda Lipman


A handmade violin by Bela Szepessy ( born in Budapest, 1856) came to London in 1881 .

Available with valuation certificate dated 19th June , 2019 and owner’s bill of purchase, 27th July , 1946

Labelled printed

“Szepessy, Bela, London 1919″

with initials” Sz ” and ” B “;  and below “No.”  and “229” (handwritten in ink); to the sides of a double cross outline over helmet. (This is known as the Cross of Lorraine after 12th century monarch Bela III)

Hand- signed on interior of front

In extremely fine condition , with soft red brown varnish , hand applied. Powerful tone with strong projection, ideal for professional orchestra setting.