Repairs & Restoration Work

François Bignon in first floor Workshop at Moseley Violins

Moseley Violins offers an established, repair and restoration service for all players of bowed stringed instruments. We offer our skills, help and support to students, teachers, and professional musicians for their specific needs.

Our combined experience in the trade will ensure you of the highest standards and aim to obtain the full potential of your instrument. We guarantee our workmanship and have your instrument’s interest at heart as well as your own.

Each item brought to us for any potential work will be assessed carefully before hand. For major restorations it is sometimes necessary to review the planning and costing of the necessary work.

In each instance we will believe it is best wherever possible to maintain its original and individual qualities.



The following instruments are under restoration in our workshop and will be available for sale upon completion. Please contact us if there is an instrument of interest, and we would be pleased to discuss the restoration work , fitting options, and prices with you.

MV3/ 05 4/4 Violin c1860-1880 German Origin/Tyrolese Branded "N. Chr Jorgensen OSTERHASSING"

Full restoration in process

MV3/ 84A Full size violin of German origin C 1910-1920, branded Alphonse Cary Newbury Stradivarius on back of scroll

Restoration: Glue and reinforce f hole/lower bout crack to front; reglue fingerboard


MV3/ 69C Late19c Lowendall Violin

Restoration: Rebuild fornt corner and edge

clean and restore varnish to fornt

MV3 27 French Cousinon 1920

Restoration: Sound-post crack on back-  soundpost crack oval patch


MV3/90B Violin Branded Duke, London, below button. 35.70 cm LOB  Restoration  bush peg holes and refit new pegs an dfittings


MV3 58a Medio Fino: Restoration:fingerboard and setting up.


MV3/ 84B Full size violin of German origin branded with the Louis Lowendall logo Dresden C 1890-1900 

Restoration : Neck re-set and setting up.


MV3 92A Brescian 3.4 Violin with inlay


MV3 69D Dulcis & Fortis


MV3 52 3/4 Vln Berini


Setting Up, Fittings, & Adjustments


Fretted Instruments (lutes, guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.)

Major structural damage, re-fretting rebuilding, action adjustments to set-up neck resetting, refinishing.

You are welcome to contact us by appointment to visit our workshop.

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