Antique Instruments

Each instrument is assessed individually before being displayed for sale. Our choice criteria is based on a good structure, playability, tone, and standard of aesthetics. Whenever possible, we provide a positive identification and country of origin/ pedigree style/ school/workshop of/ individual maker.

Fine antique instrument’s can be obtained, with certification, through our long association with reputable dealers. Please enquire for more details and information.

In addition to our stock we have on display mid 18thC and 19th C ¼, ½, ¾ and full size violins, violas, violoncellos, and double basses of European origin.

Examples of what we have sold in the recent past:

  • Traditional French Parisian and Mirecourt School :Nicholas Bertholini, Francois Breton, E. Blondelet, Caussin Freres, F. W. Chanot Couesnon, Nicolas Couturieux, Justin Derazey, Fournier, J.B. Colin, Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin, Emile Miquel, Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, etc.
  • German made from Schonbach, Mittenwald and Berlin workshops : W. Durrschmidt, Carl Friedrich Glass, K Hoffner, Th. Heberlein, F. Kirschneck, Klotz, Louis Lowendall, Neuner & Hornsteiner, Michael Potscher, Ernst Heinrich Roth, E. R. Schmidt, J.B. Schweitzer, Schwartz Brothers, Steiner, Wolff Brothers etc.)
  • Italian, Czech and Hungarian: Annibal Fagnola, A Lechi, A. Gragnani, A Pedrinnelli, Benjamin Patocka, Lucca Primon, Akos Balasz, Stamitz, etc.
  • English, Scottish and Irish :J. Alexander, Brierley, M. Dearlove, T Grater, F W Wadams, Emmanuel Whitmarsh, W H Mayson, E. Loughton, Murdoch, Hawkes & Sons, A. Youngson, W. Nelson, W
  • Ignaz Wrozina, Lockey Hill, Thomas Perry, etc. )