Violin Bows

At Moseley Violins we stock a range of bows made from brazilwood and pernambuco woods, round or octagonal sticks, with nickel silver, silver and gold mountings.

Most of our stock are hand picked from our suppliers whose reps visit us on a regular basis, so please check on our availability. Do also check our range of carbon bows.

Handmade bows of distinction are available by commission from local maker A. Reis, native from Brazil. Also brands from Brazil are bows from A. CARLESSO, RENATO CASARA, SOUSA BOWS & VALDECIR, all made with Brazilian pernambuco wood .

Both nickel and silver mounted violin , viola and cello bows are available upon request, including specially decorated mother of pearl and silver inlays , and Fleur d’ Lys inlays

From our other UK suppliers we stock bows by:

  • THE SOUND POST: Best work from China including Concertante, Orchestra, L G Chen.
  • GEWA: German and Swiss Atelier from Alfred Knoll, WE Dorfler, Franz Bergner,
    Otto Durrschmidt, Stenzil
  • STENTOR: German and Swiss Atelier from Finkel, W Ernst, Valois,
    Kuhnla, Lefin, Dorfler, Knoll, & E Bernard