(The Instruments on this page are for reference and not for sale)


"Reserve" Frank Lee violin 2-024. 2016 Series   Fully set up at Moseley Violins                                                                                           

"Has a bright sweet tone easily accessed throughout the range."



Special offer MV9/ 06a 2nd hand 1/4 Luthes-Paris" Moderato" Violin, C 2011 with faulty case and used bow.                                                                                                       


String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
254 277 150 103 37/Fine Tuner Tailpiece Vision



Premier Select ***** B&M WV400ESEF Violin made of European Woods, one piece back, Stradivari model.                                                                                       




Premier Select ***** WV640G copy Guarneri "Ole Bull" from Barnes & Mullins   

"Premier Select ‘Ole Bull’ A fine modern instrument with fine open sound and great responses. Hidden depths of tone. Great potential."




CS7/ 14 "The Spanish" Stradivarius  Replica   made in China by Melcas, 2009   

Antonio Stradavari is known to have made eleven decorated instruments. Of  these, two were made for the Spanish Court between 1687-9 , and were known as "the Spanish 1 ( los  Decorados) and "The Spanish2 ( los Palatinos) and were part of The Royal Quartet. ( viola 1696, cello 1694)

"This is an interpretive copy of the famous "The Spanish " made in the Melcas workshop, in 2008. This instrument has been well played-in  by a professional player. It has a very distinctive sound, with an excellent pure tone, produced with minimal effort.' AL


 MV9/ 91 1990's Jai Haide  in good condition   





Jay Haide "A L'ancienne" Chinese-American handmade "antiqued" violin, copy of Guarneri model.                                                                        




CS7/ 94 Melcas V-300 violin, made in Melcas Workshop 2008            

 This violin has a fine sweet tone and responds with ease. Enhances  playing. Highly recommend for solos. A.L.


CS8/ 19b  Full size handmade Modern Chinese 5 string electro-acoustic violin with dragon's head. Labelled Two Trees Strings 2005 Boston/Beijing    



CS6/ 01  Jay Haide Violin, 1990's,


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" Quick response with a resonant singing quality" A. L.



Copy of “Il Cremonese- Ex Joachim” Stradivari of 1715, Handmade by Xue Ping Hue, Beijing                                                                                                                       

The “Il Cremonese- Ex Joachim” Stradivari of 1715 is now 300 years old. "

 This violin was the prize possession of the famous violinist Joachim, before it was purchased by the City of Cremona in 1961, and has subsequently become the City’s symbol. It is now housed in the Museo del Violino in Cremona.

To celebrate this famous violin’s 300th Anniversary, The Soundpost Ltd. have commissioned a Single Limited Edition, of 10 replicas of which we have No.2.

 Made by the master violin maker Xue Ping Hue of Beijing (2006 Certificate of Merit for Violin Tone at the VSA competition).

Made with selected materials (the striking one piece back) and varnished to replicate the original, these violins are individually labelled and are accompanied by Signed and photographed Certificates of Authenticity.




MV6/72   1/2 size s/hand advanced grade Chinese violin distributed by Pierre Jaffre, Rue De Rome, Paris C 2010 (instrument only)                     




New Gewa Maestro 10                  




Hidersine Reserve Violin                                                                    




Modern Chinese Violin  by  Frank Lee                                                                                                         

"A sweet dark and mellow tone, with a balanced response" A. L.


MV Sielam Cappricio                                                                                                  




CS6/ 74A                                                                                             

Luthes Paris Presto Star model Violin set up at Moseley Violins

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CS6/ 73                                                                                                                    

New Jay Haide Guarneri model Violin set up at Moseley Violins with Tonica strings


Premier Select *** Violin                                                               Including workshop set up at MV                                                          

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CS6/ 32                                                                                                                    

Jay Haide L'Ancienne Violin      

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Violin  Xhen Min, China, 2003          

CS4/ 46  16" C.H. LING handmade c 1999 China                      

 One piece back fine making from this sought after modern  Chinese maker

CS4/33 Baroque Style Modern Chinese Violin , Handmade OVISTRINGS