European Violins Archive

(The Instruments on this page are for reference and not for sale)


MV9/ 77b  Full size Romanian violin C 1930, 36 cms LOB.            



CST7/ 35C   Akos Balazs Silver Violin 2015                                                                                           


CST5/ 35B Akos Balazs Silver Violin, 2015


CST5/ 35E  Gold Series Violin, 2014,by Hungarian Maker Akos Balazs, Budapest


CST5 35/D Gold Series Violin, by Hungarian Maker


* Please note other Gold series violins available to sale - enquire within.

Akos Balazs, Budapest, 2012 

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"A beautiful violin - extremely resonant with a classy brilliant sound" A. L.      


4/4 copy Russian Trade Violin ; unlabelled possibly Rigat Rubus, in shaped violin case                                                                                   



MV8/ 78 4/4 Czech made Violin circa 1920's                  



CST5/ 100D  Gold Series Violin, 2012,by Hungarian Maker Akos Balazs, Budapest                                                                 



CS7/ 70a J Full size Czechoslovakian violin, C 1920-1950, labelled 'Schuhe und Strumpfe', one-piece back                                                                                                                                                       
CS6/47A Czech 4/4 Violin Copy Ruggeri model                                                                 


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CS5/ 08 Violin Hungarian Origin c 1900-1920 , Budapest School                                           

Condition report: Upgrade fitting with Wittner Geared pegs

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Gold Series Violin H, 2012, by Hungarian Maker,                                                            

Akos Balazs,Budapest                                                   

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Gold Series Violin 2007F, by Hungarian Maker, Akos Balazs, Budapest

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CS5/33A RL                                                                                      

Violin handmade by Saulius Urbietis, Lithuania, circa 2003



MV3/7 Hungarian Violin                                                                



CS2 /55 4/4 Antique Violin,                                 

Czech c1920's copy of Rigart Rubus , Unique construction with rounded ribs, and no overhang of front and back plates  




Violin by Benjamin Patocka c1931 Jicine