French Violins Archive

(The Instruments on this page are for reference and not for sale)


MV5/ 74b Full size French violin labelled "Mansuy a Paris" (trade mark) made in the Jerome Thibouville-Lamy workshops in Mirecourt circa 1900            


CS8/ 23 Full size French violin handmade in the "Caussin" workshop, Mirecourt (Vosges) C1890-1900, labelled: Copie de Iofredius Cappa in Saluzzio Anno 1640

‘A wonderfully sweet mellow tone reflecting its age. Very satisfying to play.’AL                                                                                               

CS8/ 70a Small bodied half size French violin (30.2 cms) C 1890's no label (instrument only)                                                                                                          
String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
        / Wittner  



CS8/ 07 Small bodied half size French violin (instrument only), handmade in the workshops of J.B Collin-Mezin, C 1880-1900                                        

 A very sweet clear sound from this small instrument. Would suit a deserving young person keen to make a good sound. A.L.

String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
275 302 161 114.5 51 / Wittner Alphayue 
MV10 / 33a Full size French violin, Mirecourt, C 1930, labelled Charles Buthod, Mirecourt


MV5/ 73a Three-quarter French handmade violin unlabelled , 1890-1900

 "A fine round tone with a good clean response. Rewarding to play." AL

String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
305 335 180 124.5 54 /Wittner Vision



MV6/ 61a  French Mirecourt Violin circa 1900                                                                                              


MV8/ 82e Full size French handmade violin, labelled Emile L'Humbert, 34 Rue De Passy Paris Annee 1923 no 51, also branded L'Humbert Paris on inner back and top block                                                                                            

A full, sweet tone with hidden depths can be drawn by the player. The violin needs to be played more to discover it’s full potential. A.L.


MV7/ 94a Half-size French violin C 1900 -1910 with brazilwood bow and shaped black canvas covered case


String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
285 313 165 127 54/ Wittner Dominant



MV6/ 61g, mid 20c Violin,Made in France in the J.T.L workshops for R S Williams ; Toronto. Labelled & branded JTL, also labelled Williams & Co            

A lovely warm sound with a rapid pleasing response. Would suit advanced player who is ready for a good quality instrument. A.L.


MV8/ 53a Full size French JTL Stentor II Violin copy Strad 1721 Lutherie Vosgienne C 1930's                                                                                  


MV8/ 31  French violin circa 1890 - 1900 Mirecourt Causssin Workshop                                                                                        



MV7/ 66 B French Violin ,

Workshop of Amedee Dieudonne, Made for the firm Laberte-Humbert, c 1929 

Labelled: Fait Par Le Maitre Luthier Amedee Dieudonne En 1929. In a very good condition. No fractures. Boxwood fittings.

"Has a pleasing depth and rich sonorous tone . Would suit a player looking for quality. Ideal for chamber music and solos." A.L.

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MV8/ 33 Full size violin, French "Stainer" copy C 1900's                                                                 


CS5/ 72     1.2 Medio Fino  Violin c1910          


CS7/ 30        German violin French model, Voigtland School, c 1900. Unlabelled. 



CS6/ 28                                                                                                                                    

French Maravelli  Imported by Beare & Sons c 1900



MV6/ 48 French Viola 1890 15-1/8" lob                                                           

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MV6/ 61A  French Violin , early 20c set up at Moseley Violins                                




MV6/ 67 Full size French violin, labelled Medio-Fino C 1890-1900, one-piece back, from the Jerome Thibouville-Lamy                                           



MV5/ 74E Full size French violin "The Carrodus"                                                              

made in Mirecourt (Vosges) for the firm Haynes & Co C 1929,

labelled "The Carrodus" Series No: P 755

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MV3/ 69D                                                                                           

 Medio Fino French 3.4 Violin


CS5/ 50                                                                                                       

French Violin from the workshop of Jean Baptiste Colin, circa 1894,

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CS5/ 51          A French Violin, Labelled Antonio Martello Faubourg St Denis, Paris,  1901     Imported by Beare & Sons                                         

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MV5/ 29A                           French Violin, Copie de J Guarneri 14 1/8 " / 35.9cm

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CS5/ 51          A French Violin, Labelled Antonio Martello Faubourg St Denis, Paris,  1901     Imported by Beare & Sons                                        

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CS6/ 53 French Violin c 1920's imported by Beare & Sons Labelled "Leon Paroche Billancourt"                                                                                                                

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CS6/45 French 4/4 Violin  c 1890 Caussin School JTL 


CS6/ 37                                                                                             

French Violin, Père Colin Mezin Ch J B c1893, labelled and signed

CS5/ 70                                                                                    

 3.4 French Violin JTL brand  



MV4/ 30                                                                                          

French J.T.L Violin ,labelled Carlo Fernando Landolfi, Decorated Back, M.O.P. inlays 1900  Click Here for Audio Sample


MV4/ 29 French Violin made by Albert Deblaye                                                                                    

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MV4/ 17 French Violin Bernadel Workshop , c 1890s                                                                            

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CS5/ 47                                                                                

French Violin by René Cune, Mirecourt, circa 1952, with original makers certificate.


CS4 /88                                                                       

A fine antique French violin made by Jean-Baptiste Deshayes "Salomon" c 1770's, as indicated on the original label.

This is a fine example of the maker's work. It is in good condition with a very nice choice of materials and a warm-reddish brown varnish over a golden ground.

It possesses a first class sound, powerful, even, clear and mellow as well as an excellent projection with easy response and impressive tone, suitable for a solo performer.

The instrument was precisely made, in a professional manner of outstanding qualities and tastefully crafted from the artistic point of view.


CS5/ 16, French Violin c 1920's                                                                                  


CS4/ 02                                                                                   

Medio Fino 3/8th size Violin c 1880


CS4/ 50 French Mirecourt J T L c 1900-1920's  with original bridge                                                                                         
CS3 /61PC Antique Violin 3/4 French "Medio Fino" JTL  c1880's               


MV2 26                                                      Maidstone 3/4 Violin
CS5/06 French Violin                                                                            



CS5/ 07A  French Violin , Caussin School, Mirecourt, c 1900's



CS3 90 Caussin workshop Antique Violin, Reconditioned at MV                             
CS3 /61PC             3/4 French "Medio Fino" JTL c1880's          

Violin 1/8 size, French - made by Caussin ,1900                   
Violin By Honore Derazey,                                                       Mirecourt c1880


CS5/ 53                                                                                   

French Violin, labelled "The Professor II" no.689, Imported by Hawkes & Sons, circa 1890                                                                                    


MV3/ 40 French Mirecourt  c 1900's  Revarnished                                               
CS4/ 77                4.4 Gerard Deleplanque French ( composite) Lille, c1773
CS5/ 17 French Violin c 1894. Imported by Kohler & Sons , Edinburgh-                                                                                             


CS4/ 68                                                                                       

French 4.4 Violin,  Guiseppe Maravelli , Made for Beare & Sons c 1889

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