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(The Instruments on this page are for reference and not for sale)


MV9/ 77d Full size violin, labelled William Duke, 35.70, with new pegs, new strings.(instrument only)                                                                                                             £900.00


MV9/ 95a Full size German violin C 1910, Ole Bull model (branded under back button), unlabelled                                                                                                


CS7/59G German violin, c  1890's,                                               

 ’A lovely mellow ‘dolce’ tone reminiscent of the ‘Old Italian’ sound.’ A.L.





MV9/ 79c 4/4 Violin, made in Germany (in French Style) c 1890, with new Dominant String set, new Chin Rest, cracks repaired.                                    





MV9/ 77g Full size German violin, manufactured in Kreuznach in the Wolff brothers workshop C 1889, Class 1 A No 2735, 35.20 cms                                    

"A glowing tone. There is a brilliance emerging from all four strings in complete harmony with one another. "






CS8/ 37c  Full size German violin. Workshop of Herman Dolling Markneukirchen 1930. With case only.



MV7/ 11a  3/4 German Violin , Labelled Andreas Kohler Voigtland. Instrument only.


String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
309 336 190 120 45 / Wittner Evah Pirazzi


CS8/ 50 Full size German violin C 1890-1900. Stainer style.            




CS8/ 18 KB Three-quarter German violin C 1900's, Dresden style, instrument only, labelled "Repaired and Refinished par K.S. Basle Birmingham 2016"

‘A beautiful full size tone.Responds cleanly and articulately. Has a stunning tonal range.’ AL

String Length mm Length of Back mm  Body Stop mm  Neck Stop mm Tailpiece to bridge mm/Brand Strings 
311 335 185 124 44 / Wittner Alphayue


CS8/ 11 Full size German violin, labelled Jacob Stainer, C 1900-1910, branded on back. Available separately a shaped wooden violin case with blue cover                  



MV8/ 78a Full size German violin, labelled E.R Schmidt, Amati copy    Offers a full range of expression with an instantly rich and engaging tone. Must be tried. A.L.
CS2/ 89 Antique Violin, fully restored at Moseley Violins, 2004. (with old shaped  covered case)                                                                                  


Albani school 1780-1800 Reminiscent of early Brescian style. A hand made, highly arched model of Tyrolese school , in red brown oil varnish.


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A lovely glowing velvety sound with a very distinctive character. Must be tried. A.L.



CS8/ 06b German Violin c1900 converted for left handed player        


CS7/ 64 Copy Magginni with Latin inscription on back. Circa 1890-1900.                                                                                         

" In silvus viva silui; jam mortua cano"

"In the forest, I lived in silence; now in death I sing sweetly"

Set up new bridge and Tonica strings

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MV5/ 73   3/4 German Violin circa 1890-1900                                                                                            £800.00


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MV7/ 52a  3/4 Violin, French, Made by JTL circa 1900                                                                                                      £761.00


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CCS8/ 45 Full Size German violin, C 1890-1900, double purfling, latin inscription on back, labelled Antonius Stravarius 1718                                        






MV7/ 11a German 3/4 Violin Voigtland Kohler-  set up in M V  workshop   £720.00


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CS7/ 71a 3/4 French violin,  labelled Copie de George Cloz C 1880-1890, unlabelled, one-piece back (with second-hand black shaped wooden case)                                                                          £600.00

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MV7/ 83 Three quarter German violin circa 1920's                                                                                 £300.00  

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CS 7/ 71b  Half-size German violin circa 1880-1890,  unlabelled, one-piece back (with second-hand black rectangular case)               




MV8/ 48 German Violin 1920 Bowley Barnes Strad copy                                                                                   



CS5/ 38A  7/8 Violin Made in Germany Strad copy 1736                                                     

"A quality instrument with sweet appealing tone and subtle depth. Easy to play." A.L.


MV5/ 74a      1.2 German Violin c1950                                                               
MV7/54 4/4 Violin , Likely of German origin, mid19c,       

Branded under button W. Norman London.


 MV7/ 36 3/4 Mittenwald Violin , Germany c 1880       



CS7/ 56 4/4 Violin by E R Schmidt                                                                             



CS7/ 12a Cappa Copy                                                                                                     


New Gewa Maestro 40A                                                                                       &


CS4/ 54                                                                                                                                      

 German, Klingenthal, c ~1860-1870

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CS4/ 20A                                                                                                    

German Violin,  Lowendall, good representation of the Dresden School, Labelled " Imitation of Stradivarius , LOWENDALL       

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CS4/ 66                                                                                     4/4 Lowendall Workshop c 1885-1895       

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CS6/97 German  4/4 Violin                                                                       

c 1920-1930 Red Oil varnish


MV5/ 74h      1/2 size German Violin                                                                                     
MV7/ 12C

German Violin , c1920's, Steiner copy restored at Moseley Violins workshop with new neck 

Wittner tuning pegs  

MV3/ 90B  4/4 Violin copy Duke branded "Duke"  Violin under neck button 

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"Powerful projection of tone" A. L.


CS6/ 36                                                                                                                                       German Violin c 1900-1910, copy Paolo Magginni

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 MV6 46 Violin made in Dresden, Germany , 1890's                                 

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CS6/ 58                                                                                                                                    

German Violin circa 1900's

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MV6/ 13A Mittenwald Violin c 1890 14 3/16" fully reconditioned at Moseley Violins       




CS6/ 33                                                                                   

German Violin from Klingenthal 1890- 1900

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CS4/ 20A                 


German Violin,  Lowendall, good representation of the Dresden School, Labelled " Imitation of Stradivarius , Lowendall



CS6/ 33           


German Violin from Klingenthal 1890- 1900

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MV6 /05  Violin  Lowendall ,workshop, Dresden Germany  copy of Magginni      14.5" length of back string 13" / 330mm string scale                                                                                                                                                          

 A fine copy of large Magginni model , (althought the string scale is within normal scale length) with double purfling  inlay on front and back and double curl to scroll.

Branded Lowendall "L" on back button, and on on back of scroll " Lowendall's  Celebrated Conservatory Violin ~Magginni"

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CS6/ 17                                                                                                                                

Made in Dresden, Germany, c 1880-90 

Fitted with Wittner geared tuner pegs

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MV5/ 66D Gasparo Da Salo Berlin School 1880-1890                                   





MV3/ 69C Antique c 1890's Violin 14" lob  Lowendall Workshop ,                                                      

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MV4 53  1/2 size German Violin c 1920's        
CS6/ 15 4/4 German / Czech Violin , revarnished C 1920-1930


MV4/ 40B 4/4 Violin  Germany c 1900                                                                    


CS6/ 13                                                                                               

4/4 Gewa Maestro V      

CS5 19 Handmade Contemporary Mittenwald , c 1950's

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MV3/ 84A                                                                                            

German Violin branded Alphonse Cary Newbury on  back of scroll


CS5 91 Germany Violin C 1870-1880's Saxony/Bohemia                                                                  

                                                                                                                                       Click Here for Audio Samples



CS5/ 40  JT                                                                               

4.4 Violin, (Guarneri Copy) Lowendall Workshop c 1885-1895, Dresden

                                                                                                                                  Click Here for Audio Samples


CS2 /68 Antique Violin, fully restored at MV                 

Anglo /Austrian School of Stainer 1790-1800. Composite making ; "Stainer style English made body by Edward Dickenson , labelled

Edward Dickenson

Maker at the Harp Crown in the Strand

Near Exeter Change  London

Austrian neck with hand carved lion's head scroll, boxwood pegs


CS5/ 34                                                                                              

German Violin, labelled Leopold Widhalm, Nuremberg 1872


CS5/ 65 German Violin c1890-1900 labelled & branded "Vuillaume a Paris"  



CS4/ 48                                                                                 German Violin,  Wolf Bros. School , c 1890's



MV4/ 23             German Violin, Klotz Family, One Piece Back, circa 1820-1850



Violin c 1780-1800, Labelled Michael Platner, Rome. German copy, Mittenwald ( Fussen school)

Typical late 18c making of the period with high arched plates, a round sweet and deep sound, ideal soloist instrument /small ensemble. Previous restored in good order

CS4/ 92 AB                                                                    

German Violin, copy of Joseph Klotz, c 1880

Good condition ,Set-up in MV workshop

CS5/ 21 German Violin c 1900-1920  labelled Andrea Fiorini Beare & Sons, 1924                          

 South German body c 1820's/Composite French neck c1900 , fully restored at Moseley Violins 2011

CS4/ 89                                                                                     

 German Copy of Stradivari c 1890's



CS4/ 63                                                                   

A Fine Violin made by Arnold Voigt, Markneukirchen c 1890-1900

7/8 Violin CS2 /62 Hopf                                                               


Lowendall / Dresden Paganini 4/4 violin C 1880-1890         Restored in  MV workshop 2012                
CS3 94 Antique Violin, Restored at MV                             

Klingenthal, Saxony, c 1860's


CS3/68 Labelled E R Schmidt, c 1880's Saxony.                                   




CS3 /18A    Made in Mittenwald, Germany  c 1880-1890.

CS1 /77 3/4 Violin,             German, 1880- . Brescian style inlaid back   




CS3 /65KS Conservatory, Lowendall school, German circa 1890            

CS2 /95MH  Decorated German Violin                      

MV2/ 74B                                                                                             

German Violin , One Piece Back, c 1900's

Restored and set- up in MV workshop 

CS5 26A German 4.4 Violin made as copy Storioni                                   

                                                                                                                                   Click Here for Audio Samples

CS2 /38                                                                                            

  4/4 Violin,  Labelled

Durrschmidt,  Germany, 1931                                      Click Here for Audio Samples

MV5/74G German 4/4 Violin circa 1900's                                                                            


CS5/ 72                                                                                                                                   

1/2 Size Maidstone Violin c 1900

CS6/ 27 4/4 German Violin 1860-80